Fairy Collection

This Collection got inspired by the Fairy Rings – groups of mushrooms that grow together in a circle.
In other languages, the Fairy rings are also called ‘Witches rings’, as
‘Heksenkring’ in dutch,
‘Rond de Sorciere’ in french,
‘Corros de Brujas’ in spanish.

This name came because of the mysterious appearances of these mushrooms circles in the forests, on the grass plains.
For a time, stories went on about these circles, where witches and magic beings would gather together and do their dances, far away from human eyes.

The Fairy collection jewellery is made as seen from bellow.
As if a tiny being, a little fairy probably, was looking at those mushroom caps while standing under them.

The Fairy jewellery pieces carry a bit of that starry dust from the Fairy world, that we sometimes need here in our world.

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