Wedding Rings

Do you want to celebrate your love?
And are you looking together for a pair of unique one-of-a-kind wedding rings?
Let’s book an appointment!

Have a look here for inspiration and wedding rings.

Recycled silver & gold

Maja Lava uses recycled silver and gold.

Did you know that jewellery makers are one of the oldest recyclers?
Silver and gold have been melted for centuries to be reused again.
These materials are so precious that recycling comes as a natural part of making.


What is nicer than receiving a handmade gift?
A handmade jewellery gift!
Jewellery has such a rich symbolic value that is timeless.

Have a look in the Gift Guide if you want to see different selections.
Or purchase a Gift Card and let your dear one choose a piece!


Because you already are, so why not also look unique?
Follow your own style, your own edge and a twist.
I would love to enrich your appearance with a cool, stylish piece of jewellery.
Visit collections for unique styles or contact me for a custom made piece.


Because handmade pieces feel better. And age better.
The collections are made to keep their elegance through years.
We can do slow fashion and look stunning.


Maja Lava works with capsule collections.
That means that all the pieces are made in limited editions. There is no mass production, and you will wear something truly unique.

Small production means also zero waste.

Made in the Netherlands

All Maja Lava jewellery is made in our atelier in Utrecht, Netherlands.