Handmade jewellery

Authentic handmade jewellery made to last a lifetime.

People are beautiful and we want to support that!

Maja Lava creates jewellery that empowers, and adds that bit of magic for you.

Our jewellery is timeless, made with utmost care and the finest materials.

Inspired by nature forms our elegant and playful designs will leave you surprised by their details.

All our pieces are produced in small quantities in our studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We put love and attention to create pieces that you will treasure for years to come.

Created for women & men who want to stand out and show authenticity.

Did it ever happen that you came across the ring that you liked, but than it wasn’t available in your size?

Our rings are custom made in our studio. And all the sizes are possible to order.

Visit us for a fitting, make an appointment.


Wether you are looking for something special for yourself or for your dear one, jewellery is great as a gift!

Made to last long and celebrate the connection we feel.

If you would like your dear one to choose the gift him/herself, purchase a Giftcard!

Engagement & Wedding Rings

Are you looking for unique handmade engagement or wedding rings?

Have a look here.