Welcome to Maja Lava jewellery.

My name is Maja Badnjević and I am a goldsmith and artist.

Since young age I have been fascinated with jewellery.

As a kid, I used to make pieces out of scrap, found materials. Wires, straws, aluminium foil, seeds, broken fragments of plastic that used to belong to a toy or a tool, they were all perfect for building a piece of jewellery.

I studied fine arts, in Serbia, Netherlands and France.

However, my fascination for making three-dimensional pieces, sculptures that can be worn, remained. So I decided to become a goldsmith. To learn how to bend and melt the metal.

After a short study in Schoonhoven, I discovered a great jewellery workshop in Utrecht, by Hans van der Leen. Over there, thanks to Hans’s teaching, I have learned the craft, while I came to develop my own style.

And this is where Maja Lava began.

I come from the east but I live in the west (of Europe).

The western style is considered modern and clean. While the eastern style is more traditional, full of symbols and details. I love to work in between these two directions. They can give so much space for experimenting.

My pieces can sometimes be a bit raw, edgy, while they maintain their elegance. I want to keep the contrast in jewellery, to show it’s raw and elegant side, to play with both modern and traditional. Both these directions have their beauty and quality.

If you would like to see some of my fine art works as well, take a look at majabadnjevic.com

⬅︎ drawing by me.


I work with gold, silver, stones and wood.

Most of the pieces that are made out of silver are also possible to be made out of gold.

If you have old jewellery at home, which you rarely wear, because it doesn’t fit your style, we can melt it and keep it’s special value this way. Many times old jewellery just stays in cupboards, and it is so good to use it!

If you would like to order a ring but are not sure about the size, you can download and print the ring size chart HERE.

Or you can contact me for a size fitting ( Or your local jewellery store – if you live far away ).

Next to recycled Gold and Silver, I work as well with certified Fairtrade Gold and Silver.
Most of my pieces are available in Fairtrade materials, please let me know if you would like your jewellery Fairtrade.

By purchasing Fairtrade products you support the miners initiative.


My atelier is in Utrecht, the Nederlands.

I share a great working space with several goldsmiths at Edelsmederij van der Leen.

There are also courses you can follow here and learn the craft. Truly recommended!

Would you like to try on some MajaLava jewellery pieces?

Contact me and we can make an appointment.

If you have any other questions regarding my jewellery, I will be very glad to answer them.

All the jewellery at MajaLava is created by hand and made with love and care.

shipping time

Maja Lava produces jewellery in small quantities.

Please allow 15 working days for your order to be sent.

The pieces are custom made when you order them.

Made by hand

All Maja Lava jewellery is handcrafted, so each piece will be slightly different and therefor unique.


Would you like to tryout some pieces?

Let’s make appointment!


Photos on a model are made by Chantal Ehrhardt. The model is Sarah M.

All other photo’s on the website are made by Maja Lava.

Shipping price

The shipping in Netherlands is free above €99,-


Paying is done securely, with credit card, iDeal, PayPal or bank transfer.

I will contact you through email after receiving your order.


Would you like to give a Maja Lava jewellery piece as a gift?

Leave me a message when ordering on this website and I will take care that your gift arrives at the right address, beautifully wrapped!


If you have any additional questions about ordering, sizes, shipping times at Maja Lava, don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

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